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What if Thanos was Right?

Hello Fellow Readerholics,

I recently watched the epic conclusion to the Infinity series, Endgame, and I’ve been having some thoughts.

What Thanos tried to do was understandably bad and very morally corrupt but I don’t believe it came from a bad or particularly selfish place. He stated that after seeing the hunger and poverty we face in our current world, something had to be done. That something, meaning snapping half of all life into oblivion. Which although was bad, was completely randomised and fairly unbiased. He didn’t choose on who to kill based on socio or economic background but merely chose to be rid of 50% of life on the universe entirely. His actions also dramatically reduced the effects of global warming and helped many other species reproduce and expand population sizes.

This is why I think Thanos makes such a great ‘villain’, because while he may be corrupt, he also had incredibly pure intentions for the use of the Infinity Stones. Before characters like Thanos became more normalised, all our villains and heroes were fairly black and white. Our heroes were very good people and well, our villains were very bad. In recent years we have seen a ‘grey’ area from both sides of the story. We have some pretty questionable heroes and some oddly decent villains. When analysing Thanos, I continued to think of a well known proverb; ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’. This demonstrates that while Thanos was portrayed as a villain in the end, he still has good intentions.

In conclusion, I think that Thanos was really just a bad(ish) person with good yet corrupt intentions.

I know this isn’t like my regular reviews but I needed to know your thoughts on the debate.

Is Thanos really the bad guy or was he righting our wrongs?


Your Favourite Bookworm



Sometimes bad things are done in the name of good. Doesn't make them right. Also, why didn't he just make the universe twice as big? He also sacrificed his own daughter?!?!?? That shows he was messed up in the brain. But I can understand why someone would sympathise with Thanos. There are thousands of what if scenarios. All we know is what he did and that's all we can pass judgement. This went a lot deeper than I thought it would go

22nd May, 19

I completely agree, although if the universe was twice as big, we would still eventually be in need of resources. The same could be said for eradicating 50% of the population. I don't think there is ever a right answer here.

23rd May, 19

Maybe you never know

29th May, 19

Thanos low key gives me snape vibes sometimes if you know what i mean

5th Jul, 19

This makes sense to me

7th Jul, 19

omg spoiler alerts

16th Jul, 19

but Thanos was a complete dad like honestly he needs a kid

16th Jul, 19

he had a kid and threw her off a cliff?

16th Jul, 19