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Small Spaces by Sarah Epstein and what made it my favourite book of 2018

Hello Fellow Readerholics,

Sometime last year I was browsing through Dymocks. I was bored and in need for a book to read, I picked up the first book I laid eyes on and it changed my life forever.

I will not be including spoilers in this review, so don’t worry if you haven’t read the book yet :).

‘Small Spaces’ by Sarah Epstein, follows 17 year old Tash Carmody as she struggles through her life as someone who experienced a traumatised childhood. Her trauma is the result of her witnessing her disturbing imaginary friend lure her classmate, Mallory Fisher, from a carnival. Nobody believed her story and she has since come to accept the fact that what she witnessed just wasn’t real. Years later, she is forced to relive her trauma when Mallory moves back into town. As a disturbing realisation hits, Tash must ask herself if what she witnessed was in fact real or if it was all in her head.

When I first read Small Spaces, I was instantly enthralled in the world and somewhat disturbing mindset of Tash Carmody. The novel was incredibly gripping and emotional in a way I haven’t seen in other books. The way Epstein tells the story is daunting yet incredibly respectful to those suffering with mental illness. The novel is incredibly raw and honest in all aspects without romanticising the protagonist’s struggle.

This novel has stuck with me like no other and has left me utterly invested and thirsty for more. I suggest that everybody gives this book a go as I fell in love with it five pages in.

Thank you to anyone who reads this, please feel free to comment any thoughts on the book and leave suggestions for more reviews in the comments as well!

Your Favourite Bookworm 🙂



This sounds really good. Adding it to my tbr list now!

24th Feb, 19

It's definitely a great read, I hope you enjoy it!

24th Feb, 19

I read this last year and definitely agree with you. Know any other books like it?

24th Feb, 19

Haven't read many other books like it as the genre is fairly new to me. If you're looking for something dark and suspenseful I would suggest The Fifth Room by Allison Rushby :)

24th Feb, 19

wow I love your reviews! I will be sure to read this book ASAP, I love reading about delusional people

4th Mar, 19