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REVIEW: 'Rogue' by A.J Betts was even better than 'Hive' (and I seriously loved Hive)

Hello Fellow Readerholics,

Some of you might remember that I reviewed ‘Hive’ by A.J Betts for the Inky awards, you can read it here. I read Rogue almost right after I read Hive, I just took forever to finally review it… Anyway, here I am!




There was no going back; there was no choice, anymore. I’d chosen out and this was it: hot-cold, dry-wet, bright-dark and lonely.

Hayley has gone rogue.

She’s left everything she’s ever known – her friends, her bees, her whole world – all because her curiosity was too big to fit within the walls of the underwater home she was forced to flee.

But what is this new world she’s come to? Has Hayley finally found somewhere she can belong?

Or will she have to keep running?




The first book of this thrilling duology, Hive, ends with Hayley escaping her underwater community in order to get away from her cult-like reality and to explore whatever is above the surface. Rogue begins with Hayley emerging into a new dystopian world. It is 2119 and the ocean has risen, cutting of small land masses and turning them into islands. It is one of these new, smaller islands that she comes ashore to. 

For anyone that has read my review on ‘Hive’ you would know that I really loved it. I enjoyed ‘Rogue’ even more. The world building in Rogue was excellent and due to Hayley’s naiveties about the world around her, I was able to see the world through a new perspective and garner a better appreciation for what we have now that we may not have in a century. The descriptions of landscapes provided a sort of child like wonder for regular things like birds or sea. It is also totally plausible that Hayley has no idea what these things are because she was never exposed to them in her old world.

I also adored the characters in the novel. Hayley was full of wonder and questions which I thought was awesome. I really loved Kid. This may as well be an appreciation post for Kid because he was just so great! His enthusiasm and kindness added so much to the story.

When Hive ended, there were still so many questions left unanswered and I think Rogue did the plot justice by tying up any loose ends that were left over in book one. I also thought that the themes present in this novel were handled really well. Because Rogue was set in a world similar to the one we live in now, unlike Hive which was set underwater, the novel was capable of exploring territory that Hive was limited to due to the setting of the novel. This book greatly reflected on the importance of treatment of refugees, belonging, hope, the environment and acceptance.

I also absolutely adored the presentation of this novel. The covers for both ‘Rogue’ and ‘Hive’ are beautiful and they complement each other perfectly.


Overall, I really loved Rogue and I think it finished the Vault series (duology?) fantastically. I decided to score it a 9.6/10


Your Favourite Bookworm




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Ooh! I have the book on the desk here! I HAVE to read it!

15th Oct, 19

You must!!

15th Oct, 19