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REVIEW: 'Gap Year In Ghost Town' by Michael Pryor is a Great Read For HALLOWEEN

Hello Fellow Readerholics,

Today is probably the best day of the year for a multitude of reasons. Reason one being that it’s my birthday (yay me!) and reason two being that it’s Halloween and I love all things creepy, scary and of course, LOLLIES! I was lucky enough to get a copy of ‘Gap Year in Ghost Town’ by Michael Pryor from Inside A Dog and I thought today was the perfect day to review it!

you guessed it, no spoilers 



Let’s get this straight – ghosts are everywhere. I can see them. You can’t. And, see them or not, they’re dangerous. This is why my family has hunted ghosts for hundreds of years to protect people like you.

The Marin family are outcasts of the ghost hunting world. They run a two-man operation in inner city Melbourne. Anton has the Ghost-sight, but his father does not.

Rani Cross is supremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat, with enhanced speed and strength thanks to her magical initiation into the Company of the Righteous.

When it comes to ghost-hunting methodology, Anton and Rani don’t see eye to eye – Anton likes to ‘ease their passage’ to the next world, while Rani’s all about the slashing.

But Melbourne is under threat; with a massive spike in violent ghost manifestations, Anton and Rani must find a way to work together to keep supernatural forces at bay.

And what with all the blindingly terrifying brushes with death, Anton must decide if he really wants in on the whole ghost hunting biz anyway.




I would just like to start this by saying that while this may be a ghost book, it really isn’t that scary. This book may be hilarious and full of ghosts but scary it is not! I would recommend this to anyone who loves creepy things (aka ghosts) but isn’t necessarily a fan of horror. That being said, I adore horror and still had a great time reading this. This book is absolutely hilarious and actually made me laugh out loud much to the chagrin of my fellow train goers. Anton’s narration was brilliant and funny and somewhat sassy. You all know how I love my darker YA books but it was refreshing to read about such an upbeat character!

I really liked the uniqueness of the personalities in this book. Rani is so cool and dare I say kind of a bada**. I loved her strength and determination!

This book contained so many ghosts, I tried to count them and failed miserably! It’s all about Anton and his father’s small ghost hunting business. Instead of killing ghosts, they put them to rest which I thought was really wholesome (and REALLY Hufflepuff) of them. Even without any ghost murder there is still plenty of action as not everyone wants to just lay the ghosts to rest. Also, they hunt ghosts with swords – how cool is that?

Another thing I adored is that the book is set in Melbourne and unlike other books I could actually picture the setting, because I’ve been there! I love #LoveOzYA and I thought it was awesome how authentically Australian it was. All I can say is, iconic.

Side note, the cover is beautiful and I love it to bits.

As much as I loved Anton, I felt that due to his flippant tone the book just couldn’t go as deep. I loved his sassiness and his flippant attitude but I just felt that I coulee gotten more from the characters if the book wasn’t so lighthearted. I also found this in the ghost aspect of the book, I loved the lighthearted nature of it but I never really felt scared of the ghosts and it kind of lost that edge of suspense that you get in other spooky books.


Overall, I really loved this book. I thought it was fun, refreshing and it didn’t take itself too seriously at all. I would rate it a 3.4/5

Also, Michael Pryor released a second book ‘Graveyard Shift in Ghost Town’ I haven’t read it yet but I think I would like to. If you’ve seen Inky’s post on the Ghost walk this Saturday in Melbourne you should definitely go! I will be there and it looks like a lot of fun. Check it out!


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Happy Birthday my favourite bookworm!

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