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How the Cursed Child Play Brought the Script to Life

Hello Fellow Readerholics,

There are no spoilers in this review, so if you haven’t read/seen the play, just know I #keptthesecrets .

Sometime last year I read J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child as a script. A few weeks ago I witnessed the play being brought to life. Here are some of my thoughts about the script compared to the play.

For anyone that has read the script or seen the play for that matter, you would know that the beginning of the play is very fast paced and somewhat confusing. In both the play and the script the beginning is rushed but I did feel that it was easier to follow when physically watching it. This could be said for many parts of the play though. Many parts of the script are best told visually as they give a much more  ~dramatic~ telling of the story. The script did succeed in giving readers a break and time to comprehend what they are reading.

So, what did I prefer?

Personally, I enjoyed the play far more than the written script if only for the stunning visual effects. The play is very well directed and feels like stepping into a scene from a movie most of the time. During the plays, the acting is greatly showcased (duh) and it truly breathes air into the otherwise lifeless script. I loved how much effort was put into every tiny detail in the play, it gave it it’s charm. I really enjoyed the overall plot as it brought so many people together, people who grew up reading the books were there, people who grew up watching the movies were there and even parents who read the books to their kids were there. I think setting it 19 years later kept it new and fresh but still relevant to the original series.

Thank you all for reading. Write about your experiences with the script/play in the comments below.


Your Favourite Bookworm 🙂

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omg I love your hashtag #keepthosesecretsgirl ;)

4th Mar, 19