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Genesis by Brendan Reichs Portrays a Scary Dystopian Future...

Hello Fellow Readerholics,

It’s been awhile and I’m sorry for the inactivity but I’m back with another book review! I actually read ‘Genesis’ right after I finished reading Nemesis (you can read the review for Nemesis here).

Genesis occurs after the events of Nemesis and follows Min Wilder and Noah Livingston.

Noah knows he was meant to survive. In Fire Lake, where rules no longer apply and morals are seemingly nonexistent Noah has been hardened by the struggles he faced ed and understands that only the strong will survive, he intends to be one of the strong.

Min feels trapped by the violence of Fire Lake and feels the temptation to lay back and let everybody else do the fighting but Min’s instincts rebel against allowing others to decide who lives and who dies. She’s ready to fight for what she believes in. And anyone who might stand in her way.


The beginning of Genesis takes off right after Nemesis. We are met in a world of chaos and destruction and essentially everything has fallen apart. After the first book we saw Noah make the decision to cross over to the ~ dark side ~ and comply with the plans for phase 2, killing people in order to survive. Min is more hesitant and after the betrayal of Noah, flees and goes into hiding. This is where we begin.

I really loved how much Min changed throughout this book. In the first books she felt a little to perfect for my liking and fit the mould for an unproblematic heroine a little too well. In this book we see her question her morals and now has the flaws I was looking for in the first book.

Noah is utterly tormented in this book (you can imagine!) he has these italicised parts which represent his darker thoughts that are disturbing to say the least. They are important though as he often goes against his first, somewhat predatory, kill or be killed instincts. I did like how he worked towards redeeming himself in the book and his character change back from villain to hero was enjoyable to say the least. I am looking forward to see more of his redemption in Chrysalis.

I also adored the little things about this book that made it so enthralling in the first place. The little sub plots and stories really added to the novel and some of the characters give me so much joy (AKA my sweet baby Tack 🙂 ).


Everything about the plot was engrossing and I enjoyed it substantially more than the first book. I have recently purchased Chrysalis and I look forward to reading it and then reviewing it on here! I give Genesis a 4.5/5 stars!


Your Favourite bookworm







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Thanks Favourite Bookworm! Great that a sequel was even better than the first book. I will add this series to the database.

31st Jul, 19

Thank you Inky!

1st Aug, 19